About my Adventure

First off, I want to thank you so much for stopping to read this page! Whether you were one of the awesome people who supported me, or just want to hear about my adventure, I am so happy to be able to share a bit about this time in my life with you.

Before I go into details about my trip to Kenya, however, I want to preface with something that is very important to me. Most people, upon hearing about my trip, jump to the conclusion that it was all about me giving to a community in need – a conclusion I feel is blatantly untrue. In fact, the trip was the other way around, with the community giving me priceless insights that cannot be quantified. This in mind, I would love to share with you a bit about my trip, and the beautiful community I had the privilege of visiting.

I traveled to the community of Esinoni with the company Me to 

fb_img_1471384410821Wean amazing organization that encourages and helps youth to make an impact not only in their community but the world. They work with their sister organization We Charity to ensure that communities can support themselves in terms of food security, alternative income, access to clean water, and healthcare. I was so lucky to travel with them and pitch in at the community’s build sight for two new schoolhouses.


However, while I was there I didn’t just get to be a part of the building-I also gained so many other amazing experiences. I got to truly experience the culture and local challenges as I partook in powerful activities such as a water walk and an insightful visit to the marketplace.

And, I was also lucky enough to go on a safari-something no trip to Kenya would be complete without!

Now that I’m back home, my journey is still continuing. Everything has taken on a new light: my school’s ratty textbooks are actually pretty awesome, I adore my comfy bed, and memories of any time spent in hospitals are forever tied to the fact that I’m darned grateful we had a hospital to go to.

fb_img_1472144617080But most of all, my appreciation for my access to clean water has grown greater than I ever could have imagined. Now when I see water, I don’t just see a human right. I see a privilege too many are denied. I see my health. I see my education. I see my life.

Around the world, girls and women collectively spend 16 000 000 hours/day collecting water-water that’s far from clean. I was lucky enough to be born into a life where I can get drinkable water from a tap, but the same cannot be said of the friends I made in Esinoni. It is hard to only briefly describe my experience and what I felt, knowing that the kids I played with were drinking water that I wouldn’t swim in.

I might not be able to describe what I felt in so few words, but my emotions were powerful none the less. It is the power of what I felt that propelled me into raising funds for clean water projects with Drop by Drop. I am happy to say that, today, the community I traveled to has a borehole, and I have had the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for water projects in Kenya. There is no doubt that the remarkable community of Esinoni has impacted me in ways that will last a lifetime.