Drop by Drop

The summer of 2016, I had the truly amazing opportunity to travel to Esinoni, a beautiful community in Kenya. There, I played games and sang with the local children at the school, forming friendships that were only made more remarkable by the language barrier. I was truly honoured to get to know some of the members of the community and pitch in at their build site for the new classrooms. It was truly beautiful seeing how much the community had grown in the short time they’ve partnered with We Charity, and to witness all of the potential for what is yet to come.

They had already begun to build classrooms, and education had already impacted the community, even beyond the children-one of the mothers told us that she’d learned to boil water and use a clothesline.

However, We Charity’s other pillars were not nearly as developed, meaning that among other issues, 95% of the families there didn’t have a stable source of clean water.

fb_img_1471382014290As such, when I went on a water walk with the mothers… it was beyond eye-opening for me. When we went to the watering hole where it was collected, we had to step over feces, and the water poured into the jerrycans was brown. When we finished carrying the water to their homes, instead of feeling accomplished when we arrived at their homes, I just felt… sad. For when we arrived, it was to see that her kids had come home from the school we worked at, and it hit me anew that they would be drinking this water.

It is because of this that 13 youth I traveled with and myself formed a group, Drop by Drop, to raise awareness and funds to support clean water projects in Kenya. 

Since then, I have surpassed my goal of doing ten speaking engagements and raised over $3,600 for clean water projects in Kenya. I have also recently received the heartwarming news that the community of Esinoni now has a borehole, a fact that brings joyful tears to my eyes.

As such, it is with a content heart that I have closed this chapter of my fundraising. It is because of everyone’s amazing support that I was able to do this, and I cannot thank all of the individuals and groups that supported me enough. While I am no longer raising funds for Drop by Drop, I am always willing to share my thoughts and experience, and continue to encourage people to support We Charity’s water pillar. As such, I would still love for anyone who is still interested in hearing me speak or who wants to know more about how they can make an impact, to contact me.