Killer Bee Balm

With a donation of $25 I want to give you  this unique African Killer Be Lip Balm! It’s awesome!lipbaum
Net Wt. 4.2 g/0.15 oz
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Try the African Bronze Honey Killer Bee Balm with an exquisite, natural wild honey scent, this thick and moisture-rich balm provides long lasting, healing protection. They use a high content of organic African Bronze Honey beeswax from a pristine, tropical African forest. Designed to fight our long, cold Canadian winters and lock in moisture. It just works.

Try it on your next safari… no matter where it is!

  • The Beeswax is from the pristine wilderness at the headwaters of the mighty Zambezi River. It has a robust, wild honey aroma like no other. Distinctly African.
  • The Coconut Oil is First Press and Cold Extracted. No chemicals are used.
  • They use incredible, ethically produced, rich, organic Shea Butter from Karitex in Burkina Faso. Watch their video… it’s empowering.
  • The Grapeseed Oil is fast absorbing, wonderfully light and has natural non-allergenic properties.
  • All of their ingredients are Pesticide Free, GMO Free, Organic, Sustainable, Socially Responsible & Empowering.


  • Great for use on your lips… amazing on damaged cuticles and dry spots.
  • Keep one in your purse or pocket, another in the car, always carry one as a gift for a friend… especially if you are going safari!

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African Bronze Beeswax*, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Grape Seed Oil*

*All of our ingredients are Certified Organic, Pesticide Free, GMO Free and Sustainable.


  • Our tubes are made of 100% polypropylene
  • Please recycle. #5 PP

Made in Canada  A product of Canada.