My Canadian Water Walk

40 pounds.

That’s how much a mother in rural Kenya may carry on her back, walking for hours, to bring water home to her family – water that is often not clean. This momentous task often prevents girls from going to school, taking up precious time.

Last Thursday I led a couple workshops at my school about water-related issues, and we discussed how water affects everything. The workshop really reminded me of the perspective I’d gained after going on a water walk with a couple mothers in Kenya – that water is more than just hydration; it is health, opportunity, education, life

This is why, on April 27th, I decided to do go on another water walk to my school, two-kilometres away, carrying 20 pounds of water. After all, were it not for my easy access to clean water and sanitation, I would likely not be able to regularly attend school.

Although I did only a fraction of the work many have to do every day to collect water, it was hard. Really hard. The strap bit into my forehead, the jerrycan dug into my back, and the weight took its toll.

But all of that was okay because I didn’t walk for myself. I walked so others wouldn’t have to – so that more girls will be able to walk to schools instead of unreliable water sources. As of when this post is written, enough funds have been raised to give 35 people clean water for life!

I have so many people to thank for this – everyone who donated, spread the word, or educated themselves about the international water crisis. This would simply not be possible without the support of all the awesome people around me.

If you’re interested, I’ve shown a bit of my water walk below!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words truly cannot say enough.

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