Welcome to my ‘shop!’ I am so happy that you stopped to look at it! All proceeds or donations will go to Drop by Drop, as we work to contribute towards Esinoni’s clean water project.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Learn more about my trip to Esinoni here

You can now pre-order baked goods from my BBQ and bake sale coming up! Learn more about it here!

All and any support means the world to me – so a huge thank you for checking out my store!

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All products (excluding the yummy, handmade baked goods) come from the following sustainable and ethical companies:

Me to We is an amazing organization that encourages and helps youth to make an impact not only in their community, but the world. They work with their sister organization We Charity to ensure that communities can support themselves in terms of food security, alternative income, access to clean water, and healthcare. Each Rafiki bracelet also helps to support their causes in various ways, such as providing for a child’s healthcare for a year.

African Bronze Honey Project works to train and equip beekeepers in Africa, and have thus far trained over six thousand beekeepers, providing them with crucial income. All of the products are sustainably made, GMO-free, and are in recyclable containers.

I am also speaking to groups to raise funds and awareness for Drop by Drop. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact me – it’s an amazingly meaningful way to contribute, which I cannot thank you for enough.