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Since my trip to Kenya, almost two years ago,  I have been raising funds for clean water projects Kenya, and am happy to say that I am wrapping up my fundraiser, having spoken to over ten groups and raised $3 775.09. I am able to bring this fundraiser to a close with a content heart, as I have recently learned that Esinoni, the community I traveled to, now has a borehole! Here’s a photo of it:

I actually know the woman on the far right – we pickaxed next to each other at the school build sight! I really cannot thank everyone enough for their support, knowing that the money collected will be going to support people in communities just like the one I visited. 

Words do not do justice to what I feel at the thought of Esinoni having access to clean water, nor the gratitude for everyone who made it possible. I have to thank several local businesses, all the groups who invited me to speak and the people who arranged it, and every single individual who gave what they could.

Moving Forward

Now that I am closing my Drop by Drop fundraising, I will be focusing all of my efforts on an exciting new initiative, We Walk for Water. With every $25 donated giving one person clean water for life, I aim to raise enough money by April 27th to give 40 people access to clean water for life. And yes, that is $1 000 in just over a month!

And so, I ask you to please join me in my slightly insane efforts. Please consider donating what you can – be that clean water for one or two people, or one or two dollars. Every little bit helps, and truly means the world!

So again, thank you. Thank you for all of your support in the past, and for any you can give now.

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One thought on “Thank you!

  • Bill Dietrich

    Way to go Jaclyn!!! Congrats on your initial successes – I know there will be many, many more. I suspect that you are just warming up!!!! B